Ducks 'n a Row: G is for Giraffe Preschool Lesson & Fun Craft

13 April 2015

G is for Giraffe Preschool Lesson & Fun Craft

By Sinea Pies

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Giraffes, those fascinating long-necked giants. They are one of the first of the wild-beasts that our children learn to recognize on sight. This was such a fun lesson to prepare. There are so many interesting facts about giraffes that I never knew!

Did you know that ...

  • Giraffe's tongues are blueish purplish and hairy?
  • Giraffes sleep very little. Only about 30 minutes a day, or less!
  • When a giraffe sleeps, he sleeps standing up, 
  • Giraffes are called "ruminants" because they have more than one stomach. Giraffes have FOUR!
  • To drink water, giraffes must spread their legs first. Their necks are too short to reach the ground.
  • Giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth...up to 17 feet tall!
  • Giraffes spots are for safety. They serve as camoflage.
  • No two giraffes have the same spots. Like fingerprints in humans, every giraffe's spot pattern is unique.
  • Their horns are called "ossicones.
More fun facts about Giraffes: 
National Geographic Kids

What I loved about this preschool craft is that it was so simple to do. Since my students are at different levels in cutting ability, I prepared for cutting "disasters" by printing a couple of extra pages. Everyone was armed with child-safe scissors but, just in case the pieces were unrecognizable, we adults could jump in to cut some new pieces for them so that they could finish the craft. Only one child needed help, which was a happy surprise!

G is for Giraffe Craft
Template printed on cardstock
crayon, brown
green tissue paper
yellow and orange copy paper
googly eyes
child-safe scissors
glue stick

Color the trunk of the tree.
Rip green tissue paper, scrunch and glue onto tree for leaves.
Use the pattern for the parts to copy onto yellow copy paper.

Cut them out.
Cut shapes for spots out of orange copy paper.
Glue the yellow body parts of the giraffe aiming for its head to be near the top of the tree.
Glue the orange "spots" and googly eyes onto the giraffe. 

Free Printables
Giraffe Page Template

Giraffe Craft Parts

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