Ducks 'n a Row: How I Got Over 30k Shares On Just ONE Facebook Post!

12 July 2015

How I Got Over 30k Shares On Just ONE Facebook Post!

By Sinea Pies

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I cannot tell you just how surprised I was, and still am, realizing what happened.
It is every blogger's dream.  Pinch me! No, don't. If it is a dream, I don't want to wake up.

You see, I have been a contributing food blogger for my friend, Christina, at It Is A Keeper. It has been fun doing it but it also is a lot of work. My life has been getting more and more complicated - two parttime jobs, a husband with health challenges, a dad in a nursing home, a dog who is now lonely since our other one passed away and many family-achievements to celebrate (birthdays, graduations, bridal shower, dance recitals, school plays and so on and so forth) - so I was wondering if I should take some time off from guest blogging. Afterall, I have been asking YOU to guest post for ME so maybe I should pare back!

Then, I got it.  The email from Christina saying "You've GOT to see this!"
She had shared my most recent Pink Lemonade Pie recipe post on her friend, Aubrey's Facebook page - Real Housemoms. Aubrey has over 1.4 MILLION fans...and they are very active.

As of this writing, that one Facebook post has enjoyed:

Here it is (the numbers may be even higher now):  

The recipe? It is a GREAT no-bake pie. No contest! 
Quick to make. Quick to disappear!

But I never expected this in a million years.
And it is also producing many PINS, overflowing in traffic onto our two blogs and generating much excitement.

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The Recipe: PINK LEMONADE PIE  (scroll down the page when you get there to find the recipe) 
Current Pin Count:   3128 pins and 103 likes

Isn't this CRAZY???? But I am oh, so thankful.

Now, for those who are not familiar with the process: 
  1. I wrote the post for Christina. That recipe post is on HER blog, It Is A Keeper
  2. Christina shared it on her friend, Aubrey's, Facebook Page for HER blog Real Housemoms. That share has gone "viral" (if I dare call it that--sure feels like it to me) to the tune of over 30k shares.  
  3. Back at Christina's blog, she has been getting tons of traffic from people who are looking for the recipe. 
  4. I am on the tail-end of the chain. So far my blog, Ducks 'n a Row, has received weekly traffic of at least 100 - 500 views through people visiting It Is A Keeper to get the recipe. 
Phew! So, what do we take away from all this? 
  • It is still possible to get views on Facebook!  Who knew?
  • Guest posting is worth it.
  • Promoting each others' work on social media is worth it.
  • Being a good friend, and having good friends, is a BLESSING.
The blogging community is such a friendly, helpful one. If you have a story on how blogging has blessed you, or how you were able to help someone else, please share it in the comments below and let us all rejoice with you!

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