Ducks 'n a Row: Sweet Corn Kids Craft

06 July 2015

Sweet Corn Kids Craft

Guest Post by Kim 

It's almost sweet corn time.  We ate a lot of sweet corn about this time each every year growing up.  It is not as plentiful where we live now as it was growing up in Illinois.  We grew sweet corn ourselves and if we ran out, we always knew someone selling it.
C is for Corn; preschool craft; kids craft; corn on the cob

Our kids have inherited the love of sweet corn.  Unfortunately, our small garden limits the amount of vegetables we can grow in our backyard and sweet corn does not make the cut.  That will not stop us from enjoying it though.
In anticipation of sweet corn time, we have made this sweet corn craft that incorporates another one of our favorites...painting.

We are using a new found method of painting using a pencil.  We first used this method in making a chocolate chip cookie craft.

I thought the pencil would be perfect for making the individual corn kernels that make up of an earn of sweet corn.  I love how they turned out.

Sweet Corn Craft for Kids


  • Yellow Paint
  • White Cardstock
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

preschool craft; kids crafts; C is for Corn; corn on the cob


1. Print sweet corn template on white cardstock.  Print sweet corn shuck template on green construction paper.
Print sweet corn template here: sweet corn
Print sweet corn shuck here: sweet corn shuck

2. Cut out the templates.  These are simple shapes that offer good cutting practice for your young ones.

3. Using the end of your pencil with the eraser, dip the the pencil into the yellow paint and make dots on the sweet corn template to resemble corn kernels. Repeat this until the top half of your template is covered.  Let dry.

4. Cut slits in the shuck along the lines.  Use another pencil to curl those pieces by wrapping them around the pencil.

5. Glue your shuck to the bottom of your sweet corn.

Here's An Idea: this craft would also be really fun to do in the fall. Add orange, brown and red paint to the yellow paint and replace the green shuck with a brown shuck to make Indian corn.

About the author:
Kim is the mama behind The Resourceful Mama.  She is a medical social worker turned SAHM mom to 3 wonderful kids.  As a mom she wears many different hats.  You will find that reflected in her blog.  On The Resourceful Mama, you will find a little bit of everything related to being a mom: kids crafts and activities, parenting, traveling, meal planning, and more.  
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Kim, thanks so much for sharing this fun craft! As you know, I am a preschool teacher and I love new craft ideas for my class. This one would be perfect for Letter C is for Corn!  ... Sinea
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